The State of Florida has four (4) routes you can take to become a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). These routes are part of the State’s healthcare legislation. If you are interested in becoming a licensed CNA in Florida, the following options are open to you. Eligibility route 1 This is a route designed for

How to Become a Travel CNA  With the aftereffects of the pandemic still very much around, there has been an unprecedented spike in demand for healthcare professionals. The increasing demand for CNA jobs also makes this the perfect time to break into the healthcare industry by becoming a travel Certified Nursing Assistant. Due to the

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Five Ways to Study Better New research shows that the answer to studying better is not studying more, but instead studying differently. Here are 5 research-based techniques for studying better. Make a practice test. Try to predict what you may be asked on the exam. Look over your study guide or manual, find important parts