The State of Florida has four (4) routes you can take to become a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). These routes are part of the State’s healthcare legislation. If you are interested in becoming a licensed CNA in Florida, the following options are open to you.

Eligibility route 1

This is a route designed for aspirants who have successfully completed a Nursing Assistant Training Program that lasts for 120 hours. However, in order to be eligible for this route, the aspirant should not have been engaged as a practicing Nursing Assistant in any other State simultaneously or the eligibility is negated.

This route can be pretty expensive, upwards of a few thousand dollars because of its length, which is typically 6 to 8 weeks.

Eligibility Route 2 & 3

These twin routes are designed for aspirants who have never trained for or worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant in any of the 50 States, and who believe they can ace the test without any practice or experience.

The major drawback is that if you are unsuccessful in any single portion of the State Board exam three times in two consecutive years, you will be required, by legislation, to take a mandatory 120-hour training program.

Eligibility Route 4

Eligibility Route 4 is often referred to as the ‘examination route’. This route is open to those aspirants who have not completed the formal, 120-hour training but have some nursing training and experience.

At CNA Training & Testing Center, our candidates complete a four-day classroom commitment followed by unlimited practice time in our clinical area, making our CNA by examination route the fastest and most direct path to becoming a Florida licensed Certified Nursing Assistant!

Following the classroom commitment, we then collaborate with our background screening provider, Reliable Livescan, and Prometric, the Florida Board of Nursing’s Florida Nurse Aide exam provider to ensure that our candidates test as quickly as possible.

Our Center offers you the most affordable options to qualify as a Florida-licensed CNA.

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At CNA Training & Testing Center Brandon, new classes start every week and are held in the mornings and evenings. You choose the schedule that is most convenient for you. You can also avail yourself of our weekend session, offered twice a month.

Whether for a solid career, or a convenient stepping-stone, we make it simple to start a career in healthcare as a Florida licensed CNA!